Travel Guide

Following are a few important tips that could be important to you when travelling.


  ss Arrive at the Airport at least 3 hours before the time of departure

 ss Always remember to refresh yourself and wear clean clothes before departure

 ss Always leave the address and contact details of the place you’re visiting with a close family    
     member or a friend. This could be very important in case of an emergency

 ss Keep your air ticket, passport, visa documents, flight details etc. safely with you. It should be kept   in   place where you can easily take them out if requested by airport / airline / security officials

 ss Always carry adequate amounts of cash to be used in an emergency

 ss Always be mindful of the various cultures and traditions that are followed in the country you’re

 ss Be careful of what you eat and drink during your stay. It is always advisable to use bottled
     drinking water when you travel

 ss Always carry a few basic medicines such as aspirins, paracetamol etc. in case of an emergency.  
     If you’re suffering from any illness, please remember to take your medication along with you

 ss Familiarize yourself with the local weather and dress appropriately

 ss And finally, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!







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